Jiffy-Wash Laundromat

jiff_washlogo2Jiffy Wash is a self serve coin-op laundromat with drop off laundry service.  We have a well-trained attendant on duty during all business hours.

We welcome business to use our drop-off laundry service and our pick- up and delivery service.  Anybody is welcome to use our drop-off laundry service.  Same day laundry service is available .

We have wi-fi, table seating area, cable t.v., closed circuit security, snacks, soda, soap machines, atm and change machine.

We are the only laundromat in Bartlesville with air conditioning.

Jiffy Wash has been in business since 1988.

We try to provide a friendly, clean, and safe environment for our customers to do their laundry in.